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Hi, my name is Liam O'Sullivan. Thanks for taking the time to check out my website and congratulations on taking the first step towards taking control of your issue. Because you taking control of your issue... means you taking control of your life.   

Have a good look around to get a feel for who I am, for what I do and (most importantly) how...                   

I can help you...  to help yourself!


are you ready for change?... are you ready to take action?... when you are... call me!

... a FREE confidential chat will cost you nothing but your time


I'm sorry, I don't have any magic wand to wave*. What I do have is extensive training and experience in using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP, to help people just like you throw off the chains that hold you back and live the life you want to lead. I will LISTEN carefully to you and what you are saying and tailor-make a program that suits you. We can select from many tried and tested and proven techniques which can help you to take all the action you need to take for yourself.

Whether you already know the specific issue you want to deal with... or whether you are just feeling 'stuck' and frustrated because you don't know why... call now for a no-obligation chat.

Here's a video to say hello. It's 11 minutes so I will replace it with shorter one soon!

*Please Note:

Magic wands. If you would prefer to see somebody who claims they can help you 'magically', who can wave a wand and 'make you better', I respectfully suggest you look elsewhere. The Internet is full of people making such outrageous claims, who will be more than glad to take your hard-earned money. I operate an ethical, respectful, results-based Practice.