Why choose me?

Don't just choose me! Yes, that's right. I did indeed say 'don't just choose me. This is an important decison. It is vital that you choose a therapist that you feel you can trust, and that you believe can help you. If you don't like the look of me or this website, that's OK, I don't mind at all. There are plenty more therapist and agents of change out there - have a good look around. If I am the right person for you, you will come back to me.

I am trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy which is a powerful blend of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Together we can produce outstanding results in just a few sessions.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a tried, tested and proven way to quickly and effectively change your life for the better. It's about giving you back your freedom to choose your own future.

I get a massive buzz out of helping people change their lives. I know this stuff works. I love this job! Except it's more of a calling than a job. I know I can help you to help yourself overcome any self-limiting belief. Question is… are you ready for change? If you are anything is possible.

You are unique: no other person has exactly the same life experiences as you do. Each session will be tailored to suit you, what you want to achieve, and how you have responded to the therapy so far.

I will use WordWeaving to create hypnotic scripts specifically for you, which will have much more impact than standard scripts that are written for particular problems.

You will have ongoing support between sessions as I will provide you with recordings to listen to at home. Apart from the initial one, the recording will have been made especially for you, and will back up the work done in the session.

I will teach you techniques - to use yourself - that you will be able to apply to other areas of your life.

I will help you to achieve the solution you desire, in as few sessions as possible. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is what is known as a "brief therapy" and I am bound by the strict Ethics Code of the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy. This means I have absolutely no interest in prolonging your therapy.


Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, nlp and Life Coaching techniques, I can help you to help yourself with * Fears & Phobias (common phobias include fear of Flying, fear of Heights, fear of Mice, fear of Spiders and many many more). *Confidence   *Weight Loss  *Stress, Anxiety or Depression   *Self-confidence  *Public Speaking  *SportsPerfomance  *feelings of guilt *feelings of regret