what is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?


Well sometimes it may seem hard to explain, but it is very simple to grasp.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy draws on recent discoveries and ideas from Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive theory and NLP and incorporates them into a modern idea of hypnosis to provide a framework for therapy.

What does that mean in plain language? It means very simply that CH takes and uses the very best techniques - the tried and pressure-tested and proven ones - from different places and uses them, in an ethical way, to help people just like you to free yourself from whatever it is that is currently holding you back. 

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is what's known as a 'client-centred Brief Therapy'. What does that mean? Well client-centred mean that you, the client, are at the centre of things - not the therapist. We will work together to find the best way forward for you. It is your evidence of positive change that is important, not mine.

'Brief' therapy means I will help you find your lasting solution as quickly as ethically possible. I have no interest whatsoever in keeping you around, and handing over your hard-earned money, any longer than is absolutely necessary.


In The Media

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