What can I help you with?

I'm based outside Newry and in easy reach of Belfast & Dublin and all points in between (Dundalk, Drogheda, Moaghan, Banbridge, Armagh, Lurgan). I also work via Skype with Clients around the world.

As a Quest Institute trained therapist I offer made to measure solutions, put together especially for you. To put this as simply as possible, it really doesn't matter what label you call your 'issue'.

The plain fact is that if there is any kind of limiting belief of mental block involved...  then I can help you to help yourself to overcome it, quickly and effectively.

Again for simplicity, I have split this into two sections... The Good Stuff... and The Bad Stuff. There is a brief outline below and a seperate page for each.

Do you need help with issues that are holding you back in life?

Do you sometimes feel 'stuck'? or 'trapped by life'? You will find these issues in the section called 'the bad stuff'

Or maybe you simply want to 'be better at', to 'have more of', or to 'feel more comfortable doing' something that you already have or do? You will find this in the section called 'the good stuff'

If you read both the "Good Stuff" and the "Bad Stuff" pages, you'll find they are pretty much the same issues - the only difference is the label you might give to your issue and the way you look at things. Either way, I can help you to help yourself. 

There is a list of issues below... but at the end of the day, the issue itself is not the important thing - you just need to know that if the 'block' is mental, if the problem is in your mind, then I can bring a whole range of techniques and years of experience to bear to help you sort it out.

Common Issues with which Clients present include...

Stopping habits or addictions everything from Smoking, alcohol, drugs, or substance addictions, to unwanted habits like nail-biting

Social Confidence - public speaking, exam or test nerves, interviews etc. Whatever is your particular fear, I have a wealth of tried and tesed and proven techniques to put you back in charge.

Weight Loss - let's face facts. Diets may be effective in the short-term but in the longer term most people soon regain the weight they have lost and then some. If you are ready to change your relationship with food, so you can lose weight in an easy, natural way - then I hae the technoques and experience to help you.

Overcoming phobias and fears The most common phobia is public speaking, followed by fears of flying, heights, confined spaces, spiders, and mice. Whatever your fear we can work together to put you in control.

Stress, Anxiety or Depression - and the many symptoms of these such as IBS, anxiety attacks etc. Do you know what triggers your anxiety or is it something that creeps up on you? Together we will discover your triggers; how exactly how you 'do' anxiety; and help you develop your ability to take action in the moment.

Rage & Anger  You (and, perhaps more importantly, your loved ones) do not have to suffer the consequences of these. Would youlike yourloved ones to be able to love you BECAUSE of who you cnsistently are, rather than DESPITE how you sometimes behave?

Sexual problems - for both men and women. This is a sensitive area and one that many people are reluctant toadmit and to address. Call for a free, no obligation, confidential chat. I am here to help you, not to judge you.


Made-to-Measure Solutions

If you have read some of the other pages on this website then you may be aware that I treat everyone and their problem as unique, and my therapy will be designed specifically for each person. This means that three people who come for help for, say, what they label as anxiety may have totally different programmes of treatment.

The label you give to your problem (or whatever you call it) is not important. I will aim to discover, reframe and disrupt the patterns that underlie it. So, as I treat every client and their problem as unique it means that I can help with anything where the mind is involved … is your mind involved in what you are seeking help with?



Making the most of what you have got...

Throughout this website I have been conscious that I mostly refer to 'issues' or 'problems' but in truth many people come for Cognitive Hypnotherapy because they want help at becoming better at something. Examples of such things are:
Improving levels of confidence - whether it's for performing, for general social confidence, public speaking or feeling confident in new situations... together we can get you working a yout optimum level.

Life Coaching - ever felt stuck? Welcome to the human race. You know the feeling... there's something not quite right but you can't put your finger on it? Can't go back, too scared to move forward and definitely don't like where you are? Would you like someone to guide you through a process of discovery which will give you a roadmap for your future? If so then Project You coaching may well be just whatyou are looking for.

Enhancing performance (including in sport)
Every performer knows when they are 'in the zone'... when you are in Flow... However knowing how to get there wenever you need to can be a different matter altogether. 

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Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, nlp and Life Coaching techniques, I can help you to help yourself with * Fears & Phobias (common phobias include fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, fear of Mice, Spiders and many many more). *Confidence   *Weight Loss  *Stress, Anxiety or Depression   *Self-confidence  *Public Speaking  *SportsPerfomance  *feelings of guilt *feelings of regret *