a bit about me...

I'm based outside Newry - in easy reach of Belfast & Dublin and all points in between (Banbridge, Armagh, Lurgan,Dundalk, Drogheda, Monaghan,). I also work via Skype with Clients across Europe and beyond.

As you can see from my face, I have been round the block a few times. If I were a male model this might be a problem. As a therapist however, having plenty of life experience to draw from is a distinct advantage. Many people can see therapists as someone who has all the theory, having read all the books, but has no experience from the School of Life. Having spent most of my working life either on building sites and as an entertainer believe me I have plenty.

So why the change of career? Well to tell the truth I have been doing this stuff, in terms of encouraging people to overcome their fears and fulfill their potential, daily for 30 years. Mostly this was through community activism, community arts, sports coaching etc. So it's more of an extension than a change. Also, I grew up in Coventry, but my mother Bridie was very much the matriarch for the many young people from her native village of Bangor Erris (Co. Mayo) who settled in Coventry. So listening, counseling and going the extra mile to help people is a family tradition. The difference now is that my formal training as a hypnotherapist has given me the scientific background, psychological skills and , most importantly, many more tools to do it. And as any tradesman will tell you - you can't beat the right tool for the job.

I am proud to have trained with Trevor Silvester, the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy at the Quest Institute in London. TQI is an organization and group of like-minded people for whom ethics, respect and dignity are principles not buzz-words. I spent years looking for the right, reputable place and people to train with, and once I'd discovered the Quest Institute I knew instantly that I'd found it. I have travelled thousands of miles, invested hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds in my training. You can access the benefits of that for a fraction of the price.

Quest-trained therapists are trained to meet the client in their 'Model of The World'. Basically that means that we adapt our tools and experience to suit your issue - not the other way around. We know that one size does not fit all and your treatment will be specifically designed around you. Made to measure instead of off-the-shelf. This makes us refreshingly different. Don't take my word for it - ask around.


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I can help you to help yourself with * Fears & Phobias (common phobias include fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, fear of Mice, Spiders and many many more). *Confidence   *Weight Loss  *Stress, Anxiety or Depression   *Self-confidence  *Public Speaking  *SportsPerfomance  * letting go of negative emotions *feelings of guilt *feelings of regret *