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I'm based outside Newry and in easy reach of Belfast & Dublin and all points in between (Dundalk, Drogheda, Moaghan, Banbridge, Armagh, Lurgan). I also work via Skype with Clients all over the globe.

Do you need a bit more, of something you already have, to meet a new challenge? Do you want to create more happiness, more fulfilment or a stronger sense of well-being in your life? Do you find yourself saying...

'I wish I could...' or

'If only I had more confidence...' etc?

Well if you are ready for change and are willing to take responsibility for yourself and your actions, then I can ceratinly help you to break through whatever it is that is holding you back. Isn't it time you broke those chains?

Using the wide range of techniques and strategies that Cognitive Hypnotherapy and nlp have to offer, I can choose (with your help) exactly the right ones for you.

Improving levels of confidence - whether it's for social occasions, for relationships, for public speaking, interviews, tests or exams... I am absolutely confident that together you and I can help you feel more confident quickly and in a way that feels natural and easy to you.

Life Coaching - ever felt stuck? We all do from time to time, don't we? Life can seem like trying to look through a snow-globe, with far too much 'stuff' floating about, far too much going on, to get a clear view. How would you like some clarity and purpose in your life?

As a fully qualified 'Project You' life coach, I can guide through a thorough, challenging and inspirational coaching program to unleash your true potential. And the best thing is that we can deal with any blocks or issues naturally as they arise.

Enhancing performance (including in sport)
From the sportsfield to the boardroom to the bedroom... whether it's a matter of motivation, of confidence, or of self-belief ... I can help you to take control of how you feel and attain and maintain peak performance - however, and whenever, you need it. 

It doesn't matter whether you are an elite athlete or an hour-a-week one, we all know that getting to and maintaining your peak state is what it's all about, don't we?


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